Neat Artists: RRRRRRRRoll Gifs

I don't really have much to say behind the creator of these lovely gifs. Mostly because I couldn't really find much on them. Or maybe I'm just bad at research. What I did find is that they are a group of Japanese friends that periodically release new gifs. Regardless, they are AWESOME! Here are some of my favorites but you can go see them all on there Tumblr right H E R E!

Weekend Adventures!

I feel like I have a lot of "to-do's" this weekend. I mostly just have lazy weekends that I don't do much. When I say I don't do much I really mean sleep in late and catch up on T.V. watching. But for some reason I had lots to do this weekend! So I just wanted to share, mostly cause I'm proud of my potential productive-ness.

First! St. Vincent show on Friday! Now I wouldn't ever buy tickets to see her play, but my friend had an extra one so I figured, why not?! Here's a mini play list for  you incase you don't know who St. Vincent is. Also you can check out THIS video. Which is one of my favorites and shows you the mad skills that this chick has! 

Second! The Grand Budapest Hotel is finally playing in Utah! I'm such a huge Wes Anderson fan that I'm embarrassed to admit it sometimes. But I'm so excited to see it!! I keep reading reviews of what other people have thought and I'm just dying to find out for myself! 

Third! Learn how to make a origami unicorn. I found THESE instructions that seem fairly easy. Although my paper folding skills aren't completely up to par. Practice makes prefect, right? I'd love to send unicorns to all my pen pals! 

Other random tid-bits! Finishing up on some snail mail. Going to my parents for dinner and to visit with my sister while she's in town. Shopping for more dresses! And going to church. Whoa, that sounds weird when i read it in my head, but  yup. Church, huh. Such a busy weekend! 

What are you weekend plans?

Envelope Designs!

I feel like I've been slacking on my mail art these past couple weeks. So I doodled on a few envelopes to make them all pretty. I did most of these while I was at work (which I probably shouldn't be doing, shh don't tell.) So it took me longer then it probably should have. But I've noticed the longer it takes me on a pattern the better it turns out. Once you feel rushed is when it gets sloppy. The envelopes I used are THESE ones that I bought forever ago and seems like I have the endless supply of for some reason. You can find other cool snail mail stuff in the Hunter and Co Etsy shop! 
The only problem I'm running into is i'm not sure where to put the address. I don't wanna cover up the cool design, but it seems a little silly to put it on the back side. Oh well, i'll figure something out! Have you sent any pretty mail lately?

Eat Cake Doodle!

I made this quick little birthday card for my sister. It turned out better then I thought it would! Especially considering I drew it in the morning when I was still sleepy. I'm finding spur of the moment drawings are some of my best. 

Gifts from the Philippines!

This past week/weekend has been a very exciting one for the Germaine family! My lovely sister is visiting for a couple weeks! Its kinda weird when one of the Germaine sisters leaves. The balance get thrown off. I'm scared to see what happens once one of us moves away for good! Anyways, she was in the Philippines and brought back some AWESOME stuff! I just had to share!  

SNACKS! She brought us soooo many snacks! I'm not even sure if I've tried all of them, but I'm loving the little packaging! The prawn crackers "spicy flavor" are one of my favorites! I think I have enough little snacks to last all summer! At least you'll know who will have snack in their purse if you get hungry! I haven't tried the gum yet, mostly cause my wisdom tooth is giving me a hard time and it didn't seem like a wise idea. 

Not eat-able goodies! One thing about my sister is she knows the kinda stuff I like! Which makes me happy when people know the kinda things like. Mostly cause I feel like I have a hard time articulating my likes to people. Any-who, she got me a cute little coin purse with an adorable illustration on it, pens, wipes in a soda container, earrings, Korean magazine and take away menus (which will make awesome envelopes!) and undies (weird butterfly patterned, labeled "free size" which made me laugh way to hard.) Last but not least my favorite thing that I got, a "postal" theme shirt! Its got a stamp and post mark on it. Its fantastic and I just love it! 

Sigh, family is great! Life gets so full and crazy when we all get together, its kinda amazing! 

First Day of Spring!

Today was the first day of Spring or the Vernal Equinox! Ah man, the world is wondrous! Always moving, growing and dying. Its so beautiful, fascinating and incredibly confusing. I'm not sure why I'm so excited but today was a very interesting day. Not bad though, I feel surprisingly optimistic. So I'm blaming it on the SPRING! I'm a fall kinda gal, but spring has always had a sweet spot in my heart. I feel excited for new-ness! I wanna go weed the garden and shed my layers and hug the sun! I've never been the outdoorsy kind but for some reason I want to go play in the forest or climb on a huge rock. Maybe if I find time this weekend I can convince Zoei to take me!

I'm digging Brett Dennen's newest album, Smoke and Mirrors. I'm especially in love with the song Wild Child. Its just a happy feel good song that fits the first day of spring perfectly! Also check out his Wilderness Tip videos! I'll admit they made me laugh probably more then I should have.

What are your favorite spring activities? Maybe you should go climb on a rock too! 

The Archers Apple

I think I probably rant on about music way too much, but here I go again! I wanted to share one of my newest favorite albums Underwater by The Archers Apple. Now the Archers Apple is a local band from good ol'Utah. I adore the guys unique voice and their catchy riffs. But I must say I'm a bit disappointed in these fellas. They got funding for their album though Kickstarter. Which I was super stoked for! But then it got funded and time just kept going by and the band was MIA. They weren't playing any shows or anything. Then right when I thought they were kaput and complete bums, I got an email saying that they released the album! Although it was accompanied by bad news that the band broke up. I mean, I could have seen that from a mile away! BUT I was kinda bummed that they were turds about it. Why not keep your fans in the loop? Or why not follow though with your rewards? They did give the album for free to all the backers. But if you ask me they were lazy and fell short. In the end I actually really enjoy the album so I shouldn't complain too much!

Phew rant over! Take a listen, let me know what you think!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I've never been a huge fan of this holiday. I'm not sure if its cause I'm not Irish or cause I don't drink, but what ever the reason is I just don't like it much. But I do adore the color green and why not celebrate! Also I'm realizing that I don't really know much about the history of the holiday. So I found THIS site the proved to be very interesting and informative. I've more reading to do and maybe I should take the night at watch the history channel. Or maybe not.

There's lots of cool holiday posts out there so I just wanted to share a few that I found! I know its a little late but all of these you can whip up pretty quickly. 

  Luckycharms Treats!              Green Embellishments!          Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch! 

Anyways, I hope you all have a safe and green filled day! 

Song and Doodle #20

I'm not the biggest fan of James Blunt. Yes, he has a interesting voice and can write a catchy song, but I just never cared for him too much. Maybe its my stubbornness to look beyond the popular artists? Who knows. Anyways I happen to pretty much adore this catchy lil'tune! I mean whats not to love? Its catchy, cute love song AND about postcards! I'm a sucker for anyone that writes a song about mail! Hope you find this song at the very least entertaining. Also go write some postcards!! 

S L E E P Y..

I'm just so sleepy all the time. (Also a bit of a complainer.) I can't remember the last time I thought to myself, "No I don't need a nap right now." Its like once you hit a certain age you're just perpetually sleepy. Am I really that old? I feel like a feeble old women sometimes. Oh the weight of life! Life is treating me weirdly lately. Strange things keep happening and before I can process another strange thing happens. I mean, nothing life altering but something that'll make me pause and think. I often think to myself, "where am I going?" I feel like I want to be everything and nothing at all. I know what I WANT to be doing..creating, living, exploring, inspiring, leaving my mark on the world. But I don't know how or when to do these things. So I sleep. 

Sigh, enough ranting! Go listen to THIS and read THAT! 

Is it nap time yet? 

Lovely Things: Ceramics!

I love ceramics! My dad is a ceramics teacher so growing up we always got to make the cooooolest stuff! Although I have "sour hands" and have never been very good at it. I still adore it and its one of my favorite art forms. Its one of those things like print making. Its everywhere but people don't know too much about the process. If you ever get the chance to learn DO IT!

Worlds cutest bowl! Found in MarinskiHandmades shop!

This idea is just fantastic and combines illustration, pottery AND animation! Yes, please!

I think most people think ceramics have to be heavy and utilitarian, but these little bird pins say other wise! Found in Damson Tree Pottery shop!

I love the this idea! The quantity is pretty amazing.

Cactus necklace! I've always been a fan of ceramic jewelry. Found in Viruset Studio! 

Hey, listen to this!

I've been lazy..BUT, also feeling guilty that I haven't done any good posts in a while. So I figured I'd do a half-ass post, just to make myself feel better. I'm not sure if it'll work, but better then nothing! Anyways, I just wanted to share some of my current favorite songs with you! I've always felt like music was a key part to me being able to function. So, I hope you like these few songs and maybe even fall in love with one!

If you like the bottom two you can catch other Folkidelphia sessions HERE!
Happy weekend!

So much sent mail!

Phew! I've gotten so behind on responding to my mail! I finally got all caught up! I sent 17 pieces of mail! I think that's the most I've ever sent! It feels so good to be caught up. Although it didn't last long, I already have letters I got this week that need responses! Oooh I love getting mail!

As my mail production goes up I've noticed my blog posts and reading blogs have gone down. I logged into my Bloglovin today and have 456 unread posts! I just sighed and figured I'd deal with it later. Also my blog posts have been lazy. Is there ever a balance? Or is there never enough time! Although I imagine if I kept up on my blog AND mail I would have no social life. (Not that it's very epic or exciting to begin with..) Maybe some prioritizing is in order? 

Sigh. Is it Friday yet?

Mail Catch Up!

I haven't been doing very at posting all my sent mail BUT, I've been doing really good at photographing it or scanning it in. Why I don't just post as I go is beyond me. I was digging around in my photos and realized I had a whole bunch that I have yet to post! So I figured I'd just do one long post with lots of photos and get all caught up!

February Acoomplishments + Doodle!

Ahhh! Last month went by WAY to fast!! I didn't even realize that the month was up until Zoei reminded me that I need to pay rent. February wasn't too good to me, but the past is the past! On ward and upward, right? Heres a mini list of accomplishments! 

I should do more posts that are written with my typewriter. I think it looks way neat. Although not very time efficent. Plus my typewriter doesn't have spell check, thus adding on more time. Anyways, I was catching up on all my mail this weekend and drew a little mail monster for one of my pen pals. I'll admit its a bit cutsy for my liking, but I know she'll love it! 

Phew, yeah yeah I know this post is a little late! Better late then never! Hope you all survived the quick month of February! March should be better! *fingers crossed!*