A reason to be excited that I live in Provo Utah.

I complain a lot about the town I live in. If you know anything about Utah you know its an interesting judemental place to live for non-LDS members. But I don't mean that in a bad way, Utah is actually really awesome and its definitely home for me and always will be. Our lil'town of Provo is underestimated a lot by outside people. We happen to have an interesting mix of people, the collegs surrounding us helps a ton! Is it as liberal or trendy as Sugarhouse or Salt Lake? Probably not, its it still a neat place to live, of course! One of my favorite things about Provo is its local music. We happen to get a ton of sappy singer song writer/ folk bands that play all the time. I think we can atribute our awesomeness to Velour, a little music venue downtown. The owner is just good at getting good bands to play. On top of that we have a monthly rooftop concert downtown, for free! (Read more about it HERE!) They get some really awesome local guys to play. They create an awesome environment and its one of my favorite things about summers in Provo.

Anyways, next week two of my favorites are playing Joshua James and Jay William Henderson. I've rambled on about Joshua James's music a while ago that you can find HERE or THERE. I'm super excited for this show. Last month they had Desert Noises, which is another awesome local band!

Provo is an interesting town to say the least. It's a fun place to live for the time being. I'm not sure if I'll ever get the guts to leave the comfort of the mountains. I've spent my life feeling like I didn't fit in here, only to find out that I am part of it ALL. Who knows what kinda place I'll end up in, maybe here forever. If you haven't been to Utah, you're in for a bizarre treat, add it to your list of places to visit!

Enough ranting! Happy weekend!

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