Something You Love About Yourself!

I made some stickers a little bit ago. You can read about it HERE. I made a few extra to just send to random people that I found on But I figured that I'd give some out to the people that read my blog as well. Well, I'm not sure anyone actually reads my posts, but if you happen to stumble across this post then lucky you! 

So heres the deal! One of my resolutions this year was to be more positive. As a way of trying to be positive I'm always asking myself "what do I like about myself today?" Whenever I feel like I maybe don't look my best or maybe a little chubbier then usual I always try to find something that I'm loving about myself. Example: I'm loving my hair right now. It is sitting the way I want and is clean and just lovely. Granted I've been in my jammies all day, but my hair looks great! 

So I want you to find something you're loving about yourself right now. If you share it in the comments, along with your email address then I'll send you a mini envelope of stickers! Seems like a good deal right? I'll probably send you a lil'love note too! It's a fact that everyone loves getting mail, so do it! I'd really love to send you some stickers. 


  1. snail mail is the best mail... and your stickers are CUTE, especially them little lady foxes!!! Every month... (such a cliche right?) I get so bodysnark on myself... it's not cool and I find it so difficult to get out of that funk... this week, even though feeling ohsofat, ohsougly, I have been enjoying not having any pimples and my hair has been on it's best behaviour... mostly to over compensate for my body hate funk, which is nice of it! ha. x

  2. What a cute idea :)

    mm something positive about myself...would be that I love how clear my face has been lately!

    also, my email is ~

  3. What adorable stickers! I love foxes so much. :)

    One thing I really like about myself... I like that I can walk around in clothes that are totally clashing colors, with a ridiculous hat and scarf... sweatpants, baggy sweatshirt, whatever, and I really don't care. My goal is to be comfortable, not fashionable. I also like that every now and then, I plan my outfits, do my makeup, make sure everything matches and looks good, but I only do that when I feel like doing that. I don't feel like it's necessary to go to so much trouble every day to "look good" for people whose opinions don't matter.

    (my email is

  4. I love your stickers! I was so excited to see you were doing this, so if it's okay I will participate. It's a great thing to do, and it challenges people to see the positive, which is often so much more difficult than seeing the negative.

    One thing I love about myself is my ability of inspiration. I can usually come up with things myself, but I can also help others to realise things or achieve goals that they need a little inspiration to do. That always makes me feel good, when I see something has been done because at least in part of my inspiration.

    My email is :)

  5. I love your stickers!

    I love that I can rock a pixie haircut and that i don't wear makeup. my self confidence is a lot higher than it used to be and i love that.
    I also love my ability to take leadership and help people to blend with one another well :)
    My email address is

  6. I am a new mom and all the changes have been hard. Something I am finding in myself that I love is that I can accept the changes but I can also choose to make others that will make me more happy. Along with cleaning up my diet and hitting the gym harder, I have just grown to love myself and my body in a new way I didn't think was possible. Positive mind and a positive lifestyle is what I am most proud of this month that will continue into the future.
    ps. Stickers are too cute!

  7. I love my laugh. It is deep and from my gut and when I really get going, my eyes water like crazy. It is the best.

    I'm on sendsomething also!

  8. your stickers are so lovely!

    one thing i love about myself is that i try. i may not be the most confident person, but i try. i mat not be the most sentimental, but i try. i may not be the best or the strongest or the fastest but i try because that is a favour that i owe myself. (my email address is :)

    1. im sorry it seems that that email is not working :( until i cen get it working my alternate is

  9. Your stickers are so cute! Foxes are my favorite animal :)
    One thing that I love about myself is my motivation. I always strive to be the best I can be and I love that I can take a piece of criticism and apply it to better myself. My email address is :)