Oh Hi. Random Monday Post

Today was a bit of an ordinary day. Monday posts are always the hardest for me, mostly because I despise mondays. This Monday had an extra dose of sadness. The sadness is all over everything and I don't really want to bring it to my blog. So that's that. Here is some randomness.

I really like lists. I'm a list maker. You might think that this means that I'm organized and get lots of stuff done. But nope, I just like to write it down. So here is a list of my current thoughts...

1) I need to shave my legs.
2) Its cold and I should get pants on.
3) I don't like M&Ms, yet am still eating them.
4) I need to take more photos for the blog, so I have something better to post about.
5) I wonder if anyone will ever actually read this randomness.
6) Need to buy toothpaste tomorrow.
7) With so much sadness in the world its incredible that any of us survive.
8) I need to come up with a plan to evict Roberto
9) I should probably start exercising, this chub residing around my belly is unsettling.
10) Oh heck, I'm eating another pb&j sandwich.

This world is filled with crazy, terrifying beauty. I'm aware that with the good always comes along bad. I hold hope that the good will always win. Even if like days like today when the bad smothers the appearance of good. Just remember to love and let good triumph.

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