Piñata adventures and a chilly birthday party.

My nieces (L.C) has her birthday around the same time as me and Zoei. So this weekend she had a birthday party. A while ago me and Zoei really got into paper mache. We mostly just liked to get our hands dirty in flour and water. Last year for our niece's birthday we made this AWESOME piñata! We thought we would give it ago this year as well. But like most things we do we didn't really give ourselves enough time. Long story short we stayed up pretty late last night, only for the darn thing to not dry all the way. Once we popped the balloon this happend.

Needless to say this isn't going to hold much candy and needed some major TLC. So now we're faced with what to do next. We can either A) rush to try and fix the holes with some tape and then decorate it. Which would take a while and we'd probably be late. Or B) Go to the store and buy one. If we had time I'm pretty sure we could have fixed it and added fringe to hide all the flaws. But we had less then an hour and it seemed pretty impossible. So we just defaulted and ran to the party store. Sigh. All that work for nothing!

In the end everything turned out pretty well. Piñatas don't last very long anyways. Despite the chilly wind and heavy rain clouds it was a very lovely birthday party as far as 10 year old birthdays go. My sisters are pretty awesome. 

Happy weekend! 

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