Oh Hello April!

Mondays have seem to become my ranting days. I'm not sure why, its probably because I despise Mondays. But I've had a great start off to this week! I was lucky enough to go to a concert with some of the lovlies I surround myself with. Yeah, you read that right a concert on a Monday.

Photo taken by Hoku

This particular concert was Matt Costa at the uniquely quaint Kilby Court in SLC. I can't really think of the words to describe the venue itself. It's something you just have to experience. Matt Costa is never a let down. I've seen him 3 times now and this time was by far the best. Him and his music have a way of hugging you and making you feel whole. This show tonight had a great crowd. It was an all ages show which normally means a lot of whiny youths mucking about. But these youths surprised me when he started playing and all of them actually STOPPED talking! The cool thing about this show was that there were youngins, older people and all kinds of people and everyone seemed to fit together. We were all united by this love for this musician and braved the rain and crammed ourselves into this small garage to soak it all up. That's something kind of amazing right? Oh the power of music. Beautiful dangerous stuff if you ask me.

Phew! I think that it's officially Tuesday. Which means I'm up past my bed time! Oh, one last thing I wanted to share... if you have a moment read THIS post on one of my favorite blogs, From The Top Of Willamette Mountain. This is the blog of the wondrous Joshua James. He is just knows how to use words to create a feeling. This post has a good message that's filled me up and I've been digesting it all day. I just wanted to share because it really settled in my chest for a bit.

PS: Doesn't it seem oddly fantastic that April kicked off with a perfectly rainy day?!

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