Etsy Findings: Gifty for Me!

Whenever I have a milestone with my blog I always like to treat myself to something off of Etsy. Just as "good job Remi!"  I'm always setting up rewards for myself I think that's why I get anything done. Since I just had my 100th post, I thought why not get something for myself! I haven't chosen one yet, but all these things that are in the running are under 10$. I always feel guilty when I spend lots of money on myself. Silly I know, but I do. But 10$ is the perfect amount to make me not feel guilty.

I love, LOVE the necklaces that this girl makes! I've wanted one for along time but couldn't really afford it. BUT these ones are on sale. FOR 10$!!! Also check out her BLOG. Its one of my favorites. 

I know that I don't need more stickers. These are so cute! Everything in her shop is adorable. You can buy the stamp and make your own! I'll have to save my pennies and buy stamp one day! 

I've had my eye on these vintage stamps for a while. Can you imagine the mail art I can make with these! I love vintage and functional vintage items. These do come in a little bit over 10$, but worth it! 

Ok ok, so maybe I'll splurge and get them all! It is my birthday this month. Is it weird to buy yourself birthday presents? 

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