Printable Findings.

Since I've been so productive with my snail mail lately I've been perusing the interweb for some inspiration. I've come across some awesome printables that I wanted to share!

How cute are these note cards! It hasn't been until recently that I found the awesome site Mr. Printables. They have so many adorable printable goodies. I know that the majority of the stuff they have are for kids. But they have lots of cute note cards and stuff that would make cute stationery. 

Now I'm not quite sure how I can incorporate these into a letter. Maybe write notes on the paper before I fold it? Or roll up little papers and put them inside? All I do know is that these are oober cool! I'm going to have to try to make some this weekend to see how easy it actually is. 

I also found this awesome stationery set! I love that it comes complete with envelopes! The neon-ness of it is a little much for me. But I think these patterns would look awesome on some pastel papers! Found on How About Orange

Hopefully I've another successful mail weekend! 

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