New Necklace!

A little while ago I made THIS post when I was looking for something nifty to get myself off of etsy. I decided to get the constellation necklace from It Must Be Nice To Be A Bird etsy shop. I have to say I love it! Its the perfect length and the color matches pretty much everything. It is so beautifully made and so unique! I didn't want to get the Taurus constellation because I haven't ever really been a fan, its kinda boring. The lovely lady was kind enough to make a pegasus constellation one for me. I can't believe that I got a custom made necklace for only 13$!! Not only is it custom but really well made! The craftsmanship on this necklace is pretty much amazing. Needless to say I'll be buying from her shop again! 

While I was deciding what constellation to get I was looking up a bunch of gods and myths because a lot of the constellations go along with the stories. I was talking to Zoei about it and there was one point in our lives that we knew the majority of these stories. Both of us were so disappointed that we couldn't quit remember all the names and details. Which is really sad because this is something that we were really fascinated with. So of course we had to go to the book store and get a book to refresh our memories. I forgot how much I love these stories  and how much fun it is to read about all the gods and how they are connected to each other. This is my latest obsession and I'll be picking out my favorites to share! Do you have a favorite ancient myth?

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