I took some time this weekend to send some stickers to all the lovelies that left a comment on THIS post. I have all these envelopes from work that have the work return address on them. They were just going to throw them away, so of course I had to lug them home. But I wanted to find a cute way to adequately cover up the wrong address. So thought why not black paint! 

So I made some stripes with some black craft paint and masking tape. But they looked so serious and stiff. So I added some colorful triangles!

Now that the color made them look more friendly. They didn't feel unique or artsy in a way. I'm not sure why, maybe because the first two steps were really quick and easy. When normally I spend a lot more time on each envelope. So I added some little details with my handy drawing pens! 

TA-DA! Outgoing mail! I'm so shocked by how much mail I'm sending lately. Its been a while since I've been very proactive with my mail sending. But lately I've been having too many sad mail days! You have to send a letter to get a letter, right?

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