Well it's my Birthday too yeah!

birthday balloons

22 years ago me and my best friend made the brave escape into this crazy world! I love birthday's because they have away of making you see all the really amazing things in your life. I'll admit I haven't accomplished much in my life so far. But I'm ok with that. I've years ahead to make my mark on the world! But really I love my birthday because I always get to party with the greatest person I've ever known! The thing about being a twin is that you have to be good at sharing. So its werid that I've to share my birthday, but I couldn't imagine it any other way. Just like I couldn't imagine not having Zoei in my life. So this is a Birthday post/ Zoei appreciation post. Here is a list of my favorite things about Zoei.

1) She is always 100% honest. Which is hard sometimes (for both of us) but in the end really awesome.
2) She always puts others first.
3) She hates the word pimples, which I find really funny for some reason.
4) She's really good at math and will always calculate the discount percentage when your shopping.
5) She gets embarrassed about silly things, but never lets it stop her from doing what she wants.
6) She's just really funny. We probably laugh more then the average people. Mostly because she says bizarre stuff and does weird things. But its so fun and entertaining!
7) She's physically stronger then she looks/acts.
8) She has a crappy sense of rhythm, but still has the best dance moves then anyone I know.
9) She always smells good. Mostly she smells like coconut. Which seems like a weird thing to mention, but many MANY times I've sought out refuge in her cloud of coconut scent when we're at a concert.
10) She is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet but is also is tuff as nails and isn't afraid to defend her self!

On days like today I feel really lucky to be surrounded about such wonderful people. I worry a lot about my life and what kinda of path I'm on (mostly because I've no idea what I'm doing) But then when I have an amazing day I realize that this is enough for me because being happy is the most important key to living. Marking another year of your life makes you see all the good that is everywhere.

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