Drawing for a drawing.

I did THIS post a couple days ago on my tumblr. Basically you draw me a picture and I'll draw you one. I only got 2 people to play along with me. I didn't think anyone would go for it, but hey 2 is better then none! Here are the two drawings that I'm going to send to these two lovely people.

I did edit these and made them black and white. The originals are on a yellowish paper. Do you like to draw? If you draw me a picture I'll draw you one! Just email me at remikeahi@gmail.com!

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  1. I'm doing a doodle project at the moment so if you wanted I could send one of them as I'm decorating postcard/envelopes so that there is some use for them. I also weirdly came across a swap on swapbot which I couldn't help taking part in... if you have an account here's a link