Finished My Zine!

I finished my zine! I wrote about it a while ago HERE. This is my second attempt at making one. I think this time went a lot better then the last. Not that the last one wasn't very good, jut not what I wanted. This time it turned out more how I wanted. Still have some things I need to work on. Arguing with my printer is one of those. But despite the battle I have it printed and finished! 

I named my zine Grey Matter mostly because its just randomness that comes from the corners of my brain. So it's a bit silly, but I like silly thoughts! 

I'm not a writer by any means, but I've included a short short story and some haikus. I'm actually really proud of them too! I'm not sure how good they are. But I like them. 

Theres also some lyrics, dreams I had, silly-ness and even lessons that I've learned from Zoei. I really just made this to send to some of my pen pals and to share with people. Although for some reason I get really nervous when people start looking at my drawings and stuff when I'm around them. (I know its silly.) Anyways, if you would like a copy of my zine you can email me at I'll be happy to send one to you!

PS. I'm still giving away stickers from drawings that I've done. Read about it HERE

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