Incoming Mail!

Incoming mail! I got the coolest package this weekend filled with tons of fun stuff! I love how random everything is! The perfect amount of unique and cuteness! I send a lot of random mail to people and its so awesome when the person sends back something totally amazing. Especially because I never expect to receive anything in return, that's just how it is with random mail. BUT this totally made my day and reminded me why I love sendsomething so much!

Theses are my three favorite thing from the package. This Andre the Giant sticker is oober cool. I love these kinda vinyl stickers they are prefect for sticking anywhere really! Although I'm going to hold on to this one like a horder until the perfect spot comes along. I also got a awesome little envelope of stickers and I automatically fell in love this this mini dinosaur one. What is it about miniature things that are so cute?! And of course I'd love this little guitar playing chipmunk. How adorable is he?

Now I just need to find some awesome randomness to send back!

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