The Enormity of Life.

Rising of the Layton Moon

The moon is so beautifully stunning tonight. I know this seems weird to do a whole post based around the moon, but me and the moon have always had a interesting relationship. I think everyone can agree that there is something majestical and mysterious about the moon. It has a way to make me feel so insignificant, but in a ok sense. It puts me in my place and reminds me that the world is much bigger then I think. That my current issues are just a small part of my life and will pass soon or change into different issues. The moon is a reminder of the enormity life holds. But the moon also makes me feel comfortable shining light where there should be darkness. I need a little light right now with all the changes that are happening. So many changes. Change is good, scary...but good.

So I'll send you my words, from the corners of my room. 
Though I write them by the light of the day, please read them by the light of the moon. 

Be well my lovlies. 

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