Next week will be better!

I haven't been a very good blogger this week. My content has been lacking and I haven't shared any doodles for a while. So you think I'd end this week with a spectacular post, but instead I leave you with a cute song and a rambly paragraph about nothing. I feel like I want to be sad, but my reasons for being sad are insignificant and silly to say the least. But still, I've been on the edge of a break down all evening. Sometimes I just want the right person to say the right thing at the right moment to make all this go away. As I've learned its not smart to rely on others to make me feel better. So as a way to make myself feel ok I'm drowning myself with songs that make me happy and going to bed freakishly early. Hopefully I can trick myself into being happy. Tomorrow is another day!

Have a good weekend!

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