Birthday Festivities Part 2: Alt-J

If you haven't noticed by now, me and Zoei really like concerts. So for part 2 or our birthday celebration we got to see Alt-J! This is a recent favorite of mine which I blogged about HERE a little bit ago. There album has been a favorite in our car for a while now. (I highly suggest you listen to the album in its entirety, its so much better then picking off certain tracks.) But I was a little weary about this band live. Mostly because I didn't want to be let down. A lot of electronic music is lacking when live. But these guys didn't disappoint at all! They were really good at harmonizing and there voices are so different but fit perfectly together. Needless to say I really enjoyed myself tonight. You can't go wrong with hanging out with your best friends and soaking up some amazing music!

By the time I finish writing this I think it'll officially be the 23rd and it will mark yet another year passed! Birthday's are funny in a way that they can make you think about your life. I'm filling tomorrow with a new ukulele and probably something sugary sweet.

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