Weekend adventures: Matt and Kim

Sigh. Mondays come too soon don't they? Especially when you have a busy weekend, then it goes twice as fast! But this weekend I was lucky enough to hang out will all of my favorite people! My sisters took me to dinner and a concert on Saturday. We went to a sold out Passion Pitt concert but they real highlight was the opener, Matt and Kim. Talk about a band will some killer energy. Needless to say it was a night filled with lots of giggles and dancing. If you ever get a chance to see these guys live, GO! Its so worth dealing with crowds and sweaty youth!

On Sunday we officially kicked off birthday season! In our family most of the birthdays fall within the same couple months. So from March to May it seems like its always someones birthday. Its fun to spend time with my loud sisters, eat some good food and laugh way too much!

I really should remember to take pictures so I have something better to post. But next time, right? My problem is I never know what I want to blog about until its already happend, so I never have good photos to post. Should I just start taking pictures every where I go? How do you decided what to photograph for you blog? Any tips on remembering to take photos of cool things that happen?

Hope you all have an awesome week!

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