Etsy Finds: Wearables

I love the variety of things that you can find on Etsy. Not just the variety  but the craftsmanship and creativeness is just awesome. Here are some of my favorite findings as of late. All of these are under 20$ so you can actually enjoy something handmade that doesn't make your bank account sad.

I really wish it was more comfortable to wear earrings. (I blame the girls that pierced them when I was little, she did NOT know what she was doing!) BUT, that doesn't stop me! I still love wearing earrings and these little birdies are a must! 

I'm so obsessed with doing my nails! If fancy nail polish wasn't enough, why not some awesome illustrations! I'm loving these owl nail decals! 

Now,  I'm on the fence about collar clips. I haven't bought any yet, mostly because I'm not sure what to wear them with? I know probably a cute sweater or something. But I'm not convinced that they won't look too goofy on me. But if I got some I'd get these ones. 

Alright, I think this summer is going to be the summer that I actually get a tattoo. But until then and until I can decide on what I really want to get I'm just going to get some temporary tattoos. Maybe I'll find something that I really like and will get for reals. For now I'm loving these origami tats! 
Brooches and still a mystery for me. I never know what kinda sweaters or dresses to match them with! I think I need to start with simple ones (like this one) that will just match anything. 

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