Here, There and the Survival of Mondays.

Man, Monday this week kicked my trash! I believe that my brain is slowly turning into sludge, but luckily for me right when it seems like its beyond repair I get to go home. Although that leads to recuperating and doing it all over again. OH what a life it is to live. But hey, I like the monies and at the end of the day looking back it's not to horrible. I survive by the fact that this (hopefully) isn't how the rest of my life is, but just a chapter.

I've been thinking about chapters of ones life lately. I'm thinking its because my birthday is approaching quickly. Something about getting older makes you think of the whole more, the big picture. So the enormity of it all has been on my mind. But I'm often reminded I'm still young and I still giggle when someone makes a fart sound.

13/52 [Explored!]

Aside from the thoughts of is ALL being on my mind, I've been in a creative and productive mood. I'm always shocked on how much the productiveness plays a role. Because being creative is nothing without the oomph to do something about it! I'm very close to finishing a Zine I've been working on called Grey Matter. (But more on that later.) I've been doodling and thinking of nonsense and am quite content for the time being. I've a few concerts coming up this weekend. Which always seems to make my creativeness boil over in excitement and inspiration. Plus I'm going to be hanging out with some of the most outrageously beautiful people I know. Which always makes me feel loved and important in this huge world.

In the end comparing all that is to come and all that has happend, this Monday wasn't so bad. I survived in the end.

Enough ranting! Fall in love with Lisa Mitchell and dance a little bit to this song, because you survived Monday too!

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