Facts about being a lady: The period store

What is it about your period that is so awkward to talk about. I personally like to blame society making it a awkward topic. As I'm getting older though it seems like its not that much of an issue to talk about, maybe it's just one of those things that comes along with being a "adult". (Whatever that means?) I thought for a while that it's just because I don't have to many girl friends that I'm really that close with. But I hardly even like to talk about it with Zoei and we share EVERYTHING. So why is it so uncomfortable to talk about?!

i like the way you are

Anyways, long ramble short I'm in love with the idea of THE PERIOD STORE. Basically you get a box once a month with lovely lady products and feel good items for that wretched time of the month. Which is an awesome idea if you want to try new products and get products that you might not have known about. In the end I love that its a place where people are comfortable talking about their periods. Which is how it should be. It's nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. I like that there are companies out there that help women feel more at ease with awkward things.


  1. This is a sweet idea. We have a no shame policy in this house. I learned that if you are too embarrassed to talk about it then you can't roll around on the bed moaning "oh my wombs" (-I have enough pain for two sometimes) and then you won't get sympathy... we also have a red velvet rule in our house at that time of the month... it's festive! G R O S S... my boy is period-awesome (read:trained) Love Elle xo btw... new here *waves* i love the illustrations, this space is SO pretty!

  2. I never heard of this but I think its a great idea as women hardly talk about it, its embarrasing! If they did many of them would find out that they maybe have some under lying problems or certain things that may help them to feel less crampy or cranky (depends on which), ways to soothe etc..