Bandcamp Findings: Courtney Barnett

A while ago a friend suggested that I listen to THIS song by Courtney Barnett. Which is didn't really like at first, it didn't seem to grab me quickly like most of my favorite indie pop does. But upon a second listen I loved it! For some reason this was one of those that once I stopped trying so hard to analyze it I liked it more. I never really looked her up beyond a couple songs, but then when I was poking around band-camp I came across her album and decided to listen to it in it's entirety. Now I am really loving this girl! I mean, she's just cool. I love the awesome drifty guitar riffs and solos though out the entire album. I'm not sure if its because I'm digesting it after a long day of work, but the catchy, drifty, raw garage, beachy-ness of this album has put her on my list of favorite artists.

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