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It's almost Friday! Well, by the time I'm done writing this it probably will be. Did this week go by really fast or is it just me? Time is flying by scary fast but I'm learning thats what happens when you get older. Time just starts to escape you. Well at least it is for me. But I'm glad to say that I'm actually going to get  lazy weekend! I don't have any plans what so ever and I plan on keeping it that way. These past couple weekends have been way too busy. It's about time for a lazy one!

I'm happy to say that I'm feeling very creative these days! My head is buzzing with ideas and images. I can't wait to sit down and scribble out some of my brains meanderings. I've been working on a couple zines that I'm nowhere near finishing, but as soon as I am I'll ramble on about it! I'm feeling good about my brain and creative levels. Sometimes its hard to be inspired and I was nervous that my contentment was going to interfere. Which it did for a little bit. But I'm over it now and am glad I landed on the happy side. Happiness is fuel to my creativeness.

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