Ramblings about Miranda July

Hum, where to start! Miranda July is a recent hero of mine. I didn't know too much about her until a friend suggested I watch You Me and Everyone We Know. After that I was on the look out for more of her work. Learning about her I realized that she is a do-it-all kinda women. Which I admire immensely  She's an actor, director, writer and performance artist. So basically she's just one hella creative chick.

I read about one of her books a while ago called "It Chooses You" I've officially broken down and bought myself a copy on amazon. After watching THESE videos it definitely intrigued me. I really love how awkward she is and how relatable she is. She's just a smart artist. I always feel so inspired by people like her. I feel like I want to ask questions and be creative in my own unique way. Artists like her remind to go for it and be creative! I just love smart artsy people. Miranda July is one that I'm going to keep my eye on and see what else she produces!

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