Outgoing Mail!

I finally took some time this weekend to catch up on my correspondence. Although I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, mostly because episodes of Downton Abby kept distracting me! But concidering how lazy I was I'm shocked I got this much done! 

I'm just now getting around to putting together some fun stuff for the lovely Annie! I got some surprise mail from her a little while ago and couldn't figure out what to send her back! So I just settled on some postcards and stickers I made. Oh and some confetti!  Check out her blog HERE! 

I made a whole bunch of stickers from doodles this weekend. (I'm so in love with my sticker maker!) So I decided to pick random people off of sendsomething.net and send them a lil'note with some stickers! 

Overall a very successful mail weekend! Do you send letters? If you don't you should! It's tons of fun!

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