Weekend adventures: DIY

I'm finally getting around to cleaning out my bookmarks tab. I have about a dozen DIY projects that I want to do that I've saved for a lazy weekend. Despite not having a lazy weekend I thought I'd give these a try anyways. Well, maybe one or two of them if I have all the supplies already. I haven't even begun to dig though my pintrest DIY board. But here are some easy, papery love that I'm gonna give a go this weekend...er..week!

1) Paper fox banner! I love how simple and unique this is! Seems easy enough right? Also check out this girlys etsy shop. So cute! 

2) No stitching necessary notebook! I'm so obsessed with notebooks its kinda scary. But I love how easy this one is and how easy it is to add pages! 

3) Wind-up paper butterflies! Now this one is a little more on the difficult scale. (Well, for me at least. Never been good with wire or tools, I always poke myself.) How cute would these be to put in letters to my pen pals! It's way better then confetti. Mostly because confetti is messy, but oh so magical! 

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