Photography Projects and Maddie

A while ago I stumbled upon THIS picture of Maddie the Coonhound. Then I discovered there were more adorable pictures of this dog! Not only is this dog just amazing but the photographer is amazing as well. He is out to make his mark on the world in his own unique way using his mad photography skills!  This clever bearded man has done a project called This Wild Idea. His goal was to meet one person every day for 365 days, photograph them and tell there story. Its really neat to see all the photos and stories, if you have a moment definitely read though a few of them. While he was working on This Wild Idea project, he photographed Maddie along the way as well. Now they have published a book and are on a book tour!  He's also doing another project called Why We Rescue. Which is a photo documentary about rescued dogs. Talk about a busy guy! I admire creative people who share there creativeness!

Ok ok, long story short. Theron Humphrey is an amazing photographer, has a brillant dog, has amazing ideas and is doing something about it.


Amazing creative people make me feel like all is ok with the world. (Well a small part at least.)

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