Facts about being a lady: Body Hair


I've started doing these posts that are all about lady problems or maybe just things that pertain to females. I had planned on doing a post about body hair and waxing vs. shaving. I was doing a little bit of research and realized that this is a topic that gets talked about more then I thought. (Like HERE) On top of that, people have some strong opinions about it. But it is an interesting topic isn't it? It seems like you have people who are extremely grossed out by ANY kind of body hair and others that embrace the naturalness of it (and are somewhat feminist).

So here is my opinion of the subject. Everyone just needs to do what they feel comfortable with! I'm a fairly hairy person (for a girl) and struggled, and still do struggle with it. Mostly I try to manage my hair because the comments I would get otherwise would make me uncomfortable. I'm not saying that I go to great lengths to fit other ideals, but enough to not draw attention to myself. In the end if I want to grow my mustache out then I will! Just because you think its gross and unfeminine then that's your issue and not mine. After all body hair is natural and grows differently for everyone.

Phew! Enough ranting! These past couple weeks I've been doing little tests with what kinda hair removal works best for me. I really like what THIS girl had to say about it and I agree with her on a lot of things. (Although I've never tried laser hair removal before.)

First: Waxing. This is a new adventure for me. I bought THIS kit online because it was recommend on a couple sites. What I found out about waxing is that it hurts really bad for the first day. Then after that the puffiness is gone and its just a little sensitive. The regrowth so far has been nice. Its not as poky as shaving and seems to be slightly slower then shaving. I also have THIS kit. I haven't fully used it yet, but I like that its natural and has reusable strips.

TIPS! Don't wax the same spot twice. (although there might be hairs left over, just leave'um or tweeze'um) Use antibacterial soap on newly waxed skin to prevent infection. Wear loose clothing the next day. ( Because rubbing is HORRIBLE.) Don't hesitate! (It makes it so much worse!) Use unscented moisturizer/lotions.

Second: Shaving. This one is kinda a given because I think every girl has shaved her legs before. So I don't have much to say about this one. But I do have a few tips that help me and my course hair.

TIPS! Invest in the good razors. Exfoliate your skin to prevent bumps. (I exfoliate my legs even on days when I don't shave.) Let your hair grow out if its getting irritated. Moisturize after shaving. I bought THIS lotion thats supposed to make your hair grow less. I have noticed it is lighter, but not by much.

Third: Tweezing. Tweezing is good for face and that's about it. Nobody in there right mind has the time to tweeze large parts of there body. (If you do, you should probably reevaluate yourself.) I've read about threading, but still can't wrap my head around it.

Fourth: Depilatory creams. Never really had luck with these. My hair is too thick to do anything. Plus they smell and make your skin really dry.

That's all I've really tried so far. This post turned into a monster of a page and I could have found more to ramble on about. In conclusion I wish I felt more sexy being hairy so that I didn't have to go through the hair removal crap. Hopefully one day I can be and not be embarrassed about my naturalness. My confidence is slowly improving for a little wallflower like myself, but one day I'm not going to give a damn about hairy pits or my mustache!


  1. This is an interesting topic and one I think about often. The only part I ever hair removal creamed/shaved/waxed under my arms due to the smell one can create. I started with the cream, though it was great to remove hair it meant areas that didn't have hair growing would soon end up with it and I had thick dark hair anyway so didn't need more. I went into shaving which resulted in even thicker darker hair which eventually resulted in waxing which I prefer and the hair has thinned out a lot. I've now bought a hair minimising roll on so hopefully I'll see a difference.

    Facial hair I've never been happy with, beard/mustache but have never done anything about it as I know the hair will grow back like a mans if I did so I've just left it. Someone recently mentioned laser hair treatment as they were having it done and I'm really considering it.

    However my eyebrows though big and bushy has never bothered me but may have bothered others. It wasn't until I was 25 years old and decided to get them shaped for my wedding did I realise what a difference they made to my face but in the last 6 years this is the first year I've continuously kept up with it. Usually after a couple of months I'd give up and let them grow out. I get them threaded which basically it done with string to remove the hair. It is so painful but does the job well as they can get to the hair much easily. My eyebrows are growing back slowly now. I only ever had them waxed once and that person took half my eyebrow off! She then got out a tiny blade to shave other parts so for someone with already thick bushy eyebrowns it wasn't ideal but also having half an eyebrow didn't help but that just showed its hard to get the right shape.

    My legs are super hairy but who cares, I wear trousers at all times so why waste my time.

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