Vampire Weekend Music Rant

Now I occasionally blog about music, because music is one thing that really gets the creative juices going. Plus I'm an avid music listener and am always trying to find new tunes and share my new findings. I wasn't sure if I wanted to blog about Vampire Weekends new album, mostly because I'm sure half of you reading this have already heard these songs and read about 10 other reviews that are floating around out there. But in the end this blog is for my creativeness, thoughts and opinions. I have an opinion about their new songs and wanted to share it. I know I'm not a music blog, but lets just pretend for a few minutes!

Now I've been a Vampire Weekend fan for quite sometime. I know what you're thinking they got so popular so fast! I normally try to stay away from the trendy music and find the more independent unknown tunes out there. But this is one band that I've hung on to despite their popularity. It's all within reason of course, these guys just produce good tunes. They are catchy, witty and complex. They have away of sounding like all your favorite songs that you didn't know were your favorites. I've a feeling that they are going to get lots of criticism just because they are so popular. But I'm loving both of these songs! I'm super stoked for their new album and am probably going to go pre-order it after I finish writing this!

In conclusion, I was terrified that this third album was going to be a bust (like most bands) but after listening to these songs there's no way that its going to be a flop. At least in my opinion! Ok ok, enough rambling. What do you think? Does popular music have a tendency to bug you too?

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