Facts about being a lady: Undies!

I'm a bit worried that I've ran out things to blog about when I'm blogging about undies. The truth is it's a topic that come ups with me and Zoei probably way too much. Because lets face it the panties that you choose can make or break your day. Nothing makes work horrible like being uncomfortable.

Panties have always been one of those things that are topic of conversation. Or I guess I should say the lack of undies becomes conversation. I was reading THIS post over on Indie Chicks and it made me chuckle. Mostly because I don't think the thought of NOT wearing undies has ever crossed my mind. But I mean to each his...er her own. I suppose that undies aren't necessarily a must have. I take comfort in the fact that no matter what if I lose my skirt or pants then not all is revealed. Silly I know, but I guess its just a comfort thing. On that note I don't care for the fancy panties either. I'm a simple polka dot cotton bikini cut kinda girl. I wonder what that says about me? So I'm not sexy, at least I'm comfy!

But cheers to all you girls that are brave enough to go without!

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