I think the winter is finally (hopefully) over! Today was so warm and the sun was shining! THE SUN! I don't even remember the last time I actually felt the warmth of the sun! Needless to say I'm super excited because it finally feels like summer is on its way! I'm normally not a summer person, but this winter has been oddly harsh to me. I can't wait for summer dresses, sandals and bike rides!

lights will guide you home
Photo by Beth Retro

I sure hope this summer is good to me. Hopefully I've got some adventures in store for the season of the sun! I'll be smart and get out in the sun more this year. Maybe get a tan and socialize a bit. Well, maybe not, but midnight bike rides and polka dot dresses are a must! Do you have any big plans for the summer?

 Oh Matt Costa! You sexy fool you! I'm pretty sure this song will forever remind me of sun shine! 

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  1. I love the photo. I'm definitely a fan of Costa's "Sunshine." It's a nice, light little ditty.