Ukulele Adventures

Photo by: Stefany Alves
I always get really obsessive when trying to learn a new song on the ukulele. My recent obsession has been Ho Hey by The Lumineers. I think I've got that one down. (well as good as its gonna get) So now I'm trying to find a new song to obsess over. I should be looking for one that has chords that you need to bar, so I can be working towards my new years resolution. But for now I just want something that's happy and cute. Isn't that what the ukulele is known for anyways?

I normally get chords from Ukulele Hunt. I haven't found any new ones on there that I really want to play. So I've found a couple on Ukulele Tabs instead. I don't really like this site as much just because they never have all the lyrics, just weird dashes. So if you don't know the song very well then you have to look up the lyrics. It isn't too big of a deal, unless your lazy like I am. The two new songs that I have picked out are Honey Bee by Zee Avi and Sunshine by Matt Costa. Both of these are really simple. My goal is to have them both memorized by the end of the weekend! I really want to challenge myself and I love both of these songs!

Wish me luck! 

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