Neat Artists: COPiO

There are so many amazing artists out there. I'm especially enthralled with illustrators. I'm such a fan of art and not only my own creations but the creations of others. I love dissecting and looking at other peoples art work because it makes me want to create! I think a little part of me wants to be like these awesome artists and that's why I'm easily captivated and obsessive over them. My most recent obsession is COPiO aka Pablo Aguilar.

My favorite part about his art work is the textures. The little details that he creates are amazing. All these little lines and patterns create awesome depth and dimension to his work. I admire that so much because you can tell how much time and thought actually goes into his work. But of course I love the creepy content. I love the way he draws and handles the noses on his characters. I know that seems weird  but to me the lines he useless makes it recognizable as a nose but feels so unique and specific to

Needless to say I'm a fan. Check him out HERE, THERE and OVER SOMEWHERE, THERE. 



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