I woke up the morning and realized that I haven't posted anything this week about easter! I'm thinking that its because this year it landed in March, which thew me off. It snuck up too quick! Easter is my favorite holiday! Which seems weird because I'm not religious at all. But growing up it wasn't too much about the religion but Spring, food, candy and pastel colors. Plus its (normally) close to my birthday. Anyways, here are my easter findings! A lot of these can be done in a day so if it snuck up on you like it did me. It's not too late!!

Oh Happy Day is my first go to when I'm looking for party ideas. Not that I have a lot of parties, but this blog definitely makes me wanna have more parties. These are super cute and easy to make! Plus I love that you can do any colors to match whatever color eggs you have!

I found these Egg Poppers off of pintrest a while ago. These look like so much fun! I wish I was around more little kids that would love something like this! But I'm pretty sure my older sisters would love it just as much as little kids! (Especially if I put monies in some of them.)

There is something about play dough that just says easter to me! Maybe its all the pretty colors or the fact that we ALWAYS had play dough around when I was little. Plus who doesn't like play dough! This recipe looks super easy to do! I found it HERE! 

I'm not sure how easy these eggs are to make, but man the are awesome! I love the naturalness of them and the colors are stunning. I wish I could read instructions but that's gonna a take a bit of translating. But the pictures are pretty self explanatory. Thanks to pintrest if found them HERE. 

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  1. Just found you through the Totally Awesome Blog Hop, and I'm glad I did!

    Love these projects!

    The Em Dash