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Lately I've been doing lots of trades! As I mentioned in THIS and THAT post. I made a bunch of tiny cards to trade with people. I wanted to share the neat things I got in return. Also some new zines that I've bought and traded with people! I have been so completely over joyed by the response from this little card project. I started as a way to make and share cute things and had no idea how great it would turn out! It has helped me create a lot of great connections with some wonderful creators. With all the craziness going on in the world it was so nice to escape into this projects that made me feel so uplifted! If you're a creator I highly suggest doing some art trades!
How To Properly Read Other Peoples Minds and Why Does Society Care So Much About My Body Hair by Crash Reynolds. They make amazing zines and have a huge collection you can find HERE! I Know You're Sad But.. by Morg Cunningham. This is a tiny zine to cheer you up! You can buy one HERE!
Tiny zine Fruity by Angelina Han This zine is so cute and clever with little fruit cut outs. Greif by Rachael Smith. This mini zine is beautiful and came with a little pin! They make really great illustrations and stickers you can find HERE. Last a little drawing by Beth! They are making the cutest illustration zines lately! You can find them HERE!
A Bare Bones Guide to Pronouns by Morgan Stewart. This illustrations in this one are great! Also Pupper Supper by Mossy Bee! This fold out zine is also a board game! Its is so clever!
Last but not least two zines my Kels Choo! They are one of my favorite illustrators and I have to keep myself from buying ALL the things! This Kau Kau Time zine is one of my favorites in my zine collection! Anything about Hawaiian food makes me happy!

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