Tiny Card Project!

I got a new gouache set for my birthday! I immediately wanted to start practicing more so I came up with this tiny card project! The idea is that I'm going to make a bunch of these tiny cards to trade with some of my instagram followers. I've been wanting to send more mail and overall just connect with people more. Plus making cute little no pressure things like this is really helpful during this time!
I also made matching little envelopes. This batch of tiny envelopes turned out a bit scrappy, but near the end I figured out the best way to make them. The next round should be better!
I also made this breakfast friend set! Poor little toast feller is the last to get picked. So far I've been able to do a lot of really fun trades! Just sending cute mail is always fun!
If you're interested in receiving one of these cute babes you can follow along on my instagram HERE! The next round are going to be vegetables, space and forest themed!

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