Peachy Keen Press Newsletter!

I'm so excited to share something that I've been working on lately! I have decided to make a monthly newsletter! I am so nervous and excited about this new adventure. I had to learn a lot about automations and campaigns, but I'm so proud of myself for learning it all! I wanted to start a newsletter to connect to more people. (much like this blog) I also wanted to make some freebies to give away, highlight artists that I'm loving at the moment and overall create a more personal interaction between me and the community I've built around me. My hope is that this can snowball into something people enjoy and gain a bigger following so that I can offer more things! BUT for now its just a little way to check in on each other, offer some cool downloads and connect people together. If you're interested in signing up you can so do HERE!
As a thank you for signing up for my list I'm offering a free download of a mini zine I made! I created this zine to give out to people who enjoy the idea of zines, but maybe don't know what to make a zine about. This is a mini zine filled with zine ideas to get you started! After you sign up you'll receive a download link! (hopefully that works, it took me all weekend to figure that bit out!) You can see a quick little flip though on my instagram HERE!

Nervous excited and filled with joy!

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  1. So exciting! Just signed up--lovely work as always, Remi <3