List of Thoughts + LINKS!

1- I've been obsessed with the Netflix show The Midnight Gospel. Its so mind bending, strange and beautiful. I love it so much I had to do a little bit of Clancy fan art!
2- One of the people featured is Caitlin Doughty who is my favorite author! She does a great episode about death. Which is the perfect lead in for the last episode which is so incredible!
3- Life sure does look different than I thought it would. I'm gaining more confidence in my art work and laying down some bigger plans. I mean I've always had plans just none that I could see this clearly! Its very scary and exciting.
4- We got some kiwis and limes which reminded me of that Friends episode where Monica makes a kiwi lime pie. I knew there had to be a recipe out there! I found THIS super easy one. It was really sweet and I probably won't make it again, but for just having the things on hand it was pretty good!
5- I have been finding new ways to mark the time passing since days don't seem to be making much sense. My favorite one has been finger nail growth. My least favorite one is clean underwear availability.
6- I read THIS post the other day and the idea of literally eating ones words is so mind blowing romantic to me. I'm a little jealous I didn't think of this idea first, its so clever!
7- I know I've been gaining weight a lot lately, probably from all the snacks and naps. I'm trying my best to not think about or dwell on it. I hope there is a day I can just let my body be my body with out so much dread.
8- These are definitely puzzle days. I find puzzles to be a GREAT stress reliever. So when I saw THESE ones I got super excited. The mystic maze one looks so dreamy!
9- Now that birthday season for my family has passed I'm feeling much better about things. It was so tough being away from all of my loves and not celebrating, but I know its important. Knowing that helps but it is still tough.
10- Last but not least I was interviewed about my zines for the lovely blog Weirdo Brigade. They make wonderful zines and have a featured zinester every week. It was so much fun getting to talk about my zine process! You can read it HERE!

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