Out Going Mail Art!

I have been sending a lot of mail these days! All my pen pals since being stuck at home have been really speedy responding! I have found such joy in connecting with my friends all over the world and hearing their stories of this new strange world we're living in. Everywhere is different but it seems like the feelings are the same. Feelings of fear and worry but also hope. Art projects and cute mail are a huge help these days. I tossed together these quick collage envelopes and enjoyed the way they turned out. I got THIS new book of cool stickers for my birthday so I'm sure you'll see lots of quirky stickers in my journals and on mail! 
If you're sitting at home wanting a new project you should pick up letter writing! I'm always looking for new pen pals or I can direct you to some other places to find them! Reach out to me at remikeahi@gmail.com

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