Bitty Book of Beetles Zine!

Keeping on track with my new years goal of making a new zine every month, this Bitty Book of Beetles Zine was my new zine for the month of April! I actually made a few new ones last month, but this is the ONE I deemed my April zine. I fought with this zine quite a bit. I used gouache and colored pencil which is my new favorite medium combo. I had flubbed up on a few of the pages and had a lot of redos. I also had some formatting issues with my artwork being the wrong size. Over all a bit of a mess. BUT I pushed though and I think came up with something that is quite cute. I learned a lot from making this zine. The number one lesson is sometimes you just have to stick with it and see it to the end. My gut reaction is to always chuck it and move on, but this was one idea I just didn't want to let go of and I'm glad I didn't! 
As always if you'd like a copy of this zine or any zine send me an email at! I'm forever and always up for zine and art trades!

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