Pilea Baby Propagation!

I needed some birthday and a mothers day gifties so I propagated my little pilea plant! I've repotted and propagated this plant once before and luckily it survived! I followed THESE instructions which was really helpful. I'm not a very good plant lady. I seem to kill almost everything that comes into my care. Especially succulents for some reason? Everyone says they are the easiest to take care of but I'm pretty much the grim reaper of the succulent world. The pilea plant has a history of being fickle but I have always seemed to have good luck with them! 
I'm really glad that I had a strong plant I could pull some babies from. In these days I feel like plants are the perfect gift. In a world faced with so much death, we could all use a little life in our homes. Plants just make spaces feel happy. I'm really crossing my fingers and praying to all the plant goddesses that my big babe doesn't die! The first few days were definitely showing signs that I over watered, but isn't dead yet!

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