April Art Journal!

Aprils art journal! I made this journal out of zine misprints and scraps of paper. I used a pamphlet stitch to keep it altogether. Its a bit scrappy, but reinforced with thicker bits of paper it turned out quite sturdy. I used leftover neon paper which made all the pages really bright. I was annoyed by how much orange I used at first and how obnoxiously gleaming these pages seem to be. Then I realized I must have needed that warmth and brightness! These days I find creating the artful part of spreads to be wonderful. When the time comes to write down events and actually JOURNAL I get a pit in my stomach. I have a mixed of wanting to remember every thought and feeling of these strange days, but also a heaviness of trying to find words for new feelings never felt. Emotions these days feel like a rollercoaster and the task of documenting that rollercoaster have proved to be quite difficult. I am so grateful to have this art release. It helps me feel productive and relaxed. I do enjoy having tangible evidence of life passing by. All of these journals are such a gift to my future self. 

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