Collage Project!

A little while ago the Arizona Collage Collective was giving out free collage packs before world collage day. I was lucky enough to get one of these packs and I created two collages! Collage work has always been a bit of a challenge for me. The best of collages amplify the art principles and elements and needless to say I always over think it a little bit. I happen to be reading a lot of fantasy books about witches and religion and I feel like it influenced the first one a lot, which I named "A Prayer for the Birds" I enjoy the idea that reaching into nature and asking for luck and skills can give us a new connection to the things around us. 
This one didn't have much a direction honestly. Still on the bird theme. I think I could reach into the corners of my brain and come up with some artful explanation behind the collage. I mean you can do that with anything. Most art is digging around and finding meaning where there might not be any. That is why I like art so much. Everything can mean something! Anyways, I've been watching the spring birds in our yard lately eating worms. Its kinda gross and beautiful.

This was great practice! Follow Arizona Collage Collective for more collage inspiration!

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