Tiny Card Project- Round Two!

Round two of this tiny card project! The first batch seemed to go over well. All of the first ones found homes except for the tiny toast. This second batch seems to be a bit slower to find homes. I hope people aren't getting tired of them, because I haven't gotten tired of making them! 
I have also gotten better at making tiny envelopes! It took me a while to figure out a good pattern that didn't waste too much paper and also had a snug fit to these random sized cards. The first envelopes were a pain and I thought I wouldn't make any more, but they do add a little something special to it. I'm glad I stuck with it and decided to work out the kinks!
I've been having so much fun making all these tiny cards! I have gotten to make so many cool trades with people. This little project has brought me closer to people despite of all the social distancing. The amount of creators on instagram is so vast. It cheers me up to enough other artists and for other artists to be so encouraging of me! 
Most of these cards are taken already. If you're interested in receiving a tiny card in the next round you can follow me on INSTAGRAM where I'll be posting more! 

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