Drawing with Olguioo!

I bought a mini coloring with procreate tutorial! Coloring on the iPad is something that in the past has been so tricky for me. The color match thing it does when using the color drop tool makes me want to pull my hair out! So when I saw this one put together by Olga Ortiz I knew I had to buy it! You can find all the info HERE! It is pretty short and affordable! I learned so much from this quick little class. It mostly gave me a direction on how I should be setting up my pages and what tools to be utilizing. I made this little lemon drawing above using all the tips and tricks I had learned! I still have a long way to go to get my drawings looking more professional. But for something that was under $10 I feel like I gained a lot! Olugioo has amazing illustrations and other free tutorials, I highly recommend a follow! 

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