Ukulele Revival!

Today I'm sharing with you a project that makes me so happy! This baritone ukulele is the VERY FRIST ukulele I ever had. I got it when I was 9 or 10 (I can't remember exactly) This little hardy instrument has been though a lot! I never really learned how to play the baritone ukulele properly. I honestly didn't even pick up a ukulele again until I was a teenager. By then I had gotten my hands on a little concert ukulele. Which was much easier to play and quicker to learn. A little while ago I saw a video on how to clean and restring a baritone ukulele! So I asked my parents to dig this out of the treasures of their house and they STILL had it! I spent the day taking all the old broken strings off and giving it a good clean and polish! There were a bunch of dings and snaggy bits that I ended up sanding down. I also did my best to clean and grease all the hardware. Let me tell you this little fella was so dirty! The tuning pegs aren't the best and should probably be replaced eventually. This guy has a bit of an issue staying tuned. I ended up getting Fluorocarbon baritone strings by D'addario these strings are a bit thicker and chunkier. I decided on these after watching a lot of reviews and string guides. One thing I quickly figured out is that my fingers are not use to thick strings! I didn't realize how spoiled I had gotten with my black nylon stings that you can play for DAYS with out feeling a thing! 

Overall this has been a really fun project. This isn't the greatest ukulele and still has a slew of tuning problems. Reviving this instrument is mostly for personal and nostalgic reasons. It has earned its rightful place in my collection of ukuleles. Maybe one day I'll add a really solid, soulful sounding baritone to my collection!

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