Mini Art Practice!

I have been trying to work on more mini paintings in between projects. Mostly for practice! I made this little watercolor illustration after a strange dream I had. I'm not sure if you remember your dreams, but whenever I have a strange one I write it down. In this dream I was taking a bath with a bunch of baby pickles. My watercolor skills are lacking, but this practice helps!
I'm sure you've seen the #sailormoonredraw challenge going around lately! I couldn't help myself. I've only seen a few episodes of Sailor Moon but the styling is super iconic even if you're not an anime fan. I did forget her buns on the top, ooopsy! BUT I do love the expression on her face. I used gouache for this illustration. I tried to do lots of layers because I have a hard time getting a consistently thick layer. I think taking my time to build up thin layers paid off on this one and helped me avoid light spots.

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