Mental Health Zine Submission

New zine submission! I'm always on the look out for people doing collaborative zines and then I saw this one pop up about mental health I figured i'd give it a go. This zine is hosted by Space Babes Art and you can find volume one of the mental health zine HERE! I'm a huge fan of their work and esthetic. They are so super cute and inspiring! (Give them a follow!) This little gouache and colored pencil piece I did was definitely a labor of love. I struggled so much with this color palette. Its crazy to think about now because the colors are maybe the best part about it? I can find about 10 things I'd like to change about it but I need to get into the better habit of just calling things done. So I choose to just send this one off. Hopefully it gets picked but if it doesn't its not the end of the world. I think submitting artwork to zines you're a fan of is a great way to show your support for the artist compiling a submission zine, even if they don't find space for your work in that issue! 

For the mental health theme I wanted to base my illustration around social anxiety. I have been anxious about people since I was just a wee baby. I specifically remember the first time having severe anxiety in kindergarten. Its beyond feeling nervous, its unable to breath and seeing spots. As a child I thought it happened to everyone! Everyone always just labeled me as shy, so thats what I thought I was. Sure maybe that label can apply to me, but even more so I wasn't just shy I was having social anxiety. Now that I'm older I've come to learn what anxiety is and how theres so many different types and how it effects everyone differently. So the best visual description I could think of is trying to introduce yourself with a mouthful of oranges and someone giving you excuses instead of the space to take your time to answer. I'm sure all you shy girls out there have and a parent or friend do this to you. It always has the best intentions obviously, but lets all learn to give shy girls some space and time to think of their responses. Also don't label people, let them tell you how they want to be labeled.

Phew this post turned out to be more ranty then I thought it would be!
Hope you're all healthy and safe!

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