March Art Journal!

Last months are journal turned out to be such a mix of things. During March the month started out all normal and then kinda crumbled into a mess at the end. My favorite thing about this journal is how you can see the progression of heaviness that loomed over last month. So many things are happening and also nothing is happening? That is mighty contradicting but seems to be the best way to describe it. Everything feels different and I've never lived life like this except every day starts to feel the same. So things feel differently the same? This kind of contradiction is the epitome of last months journal. I'm grateful that I have this journal to track everything down in. I hope I can gather myself enough to read though it someday with out feeling all the dread that it holds. I'm sure April journal will be much more positive! I made this journal using scrap paper I had after trimming a bunch of zines. I use a simple pamphlet stitch, mostly cause I forgot how to do a coptic stitch. I'm enjoying this idea of using and repurposing little scraps. Sure does make for a cute journal!

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