Complications of Relationships Blob Zine!

New mini zine! I posted this one on my instagram but thought I'd post it here also. I made this mini zine while contemplating all the different kinds of relationships. Relationships manage to go though so many different phases. All these phases constantly put me in awe and frustration with life. I'm comforted by the notation that all the negative bits of relationships are balanced by the beauty in existence. I suppose I wanted a mini zine to capture all these feelings about relationships I've been having.
 This one is that feeling when someone makes you feel silly and small then has the guts to ask you what is wrong.
This one is all those warms fuzzy feelings you can get from sharing unspoken words with someone. 

You can see a whole flip though HERE! Also if you'd like a copy I'd be happy to do trades, let me know at

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